How to build a Paid VideoChat Website with Drupal 6, AVChat 3 and MoneyScripts Membership Suite

In the last few years, I’ve worked a lot setting up video chat web sites and installing and integrating AVChat with them. I have gathered a lot of experience and I’ve decided to make a tutorial on how to build a simple paid membership web site with 3 user levels: guests, free registered users and premium users. Users at each level will have access to different video chat features and they will also have to pay a monthly fee to become premium users. We will call this web site .
For this tutorial I will use Drupal 6 as it is free and it has the best user management system for this kind of web site!

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Hello world, do you mind?

How should I start? Well, I’m not a big fan of blogging, but somehow I need to be there and say something. You might think that I’m frustrated. Maybe you’re right, but I feel really good knowing that it’s here. Maybe someone, sometime will find it, I don’t know, usefull ?!

I will not start an endless story now, a few words about what you’ll find here are enough. I will try to post more about me and  my activity (if you are interested) on a dedicated page (I hope that I’ll find the time to do it soon).

In the beginning I will post some tutorials/HOWTOs/name them however you want, coming from my experience as integrations specialist, pseudo-programmer, pseudo-web-designer,  technical support for hundreds of websites and part time copywriter (this is actually new) @ AVChat Software.

I have an article that is almost ready about how to build a Video Chat Website (not porn if you are thinking about this, and I know you do) and make some money with it. Pretty cool huh?