How to fill the available space when using floated divs

The migration from table layouts to div layouts brought me some headaches. When I discovered the CSS float property, I had a problem from the very beginning.

I will try to explain it with a small, simple example. Imagine a two columns layout: one column with fixed width and the other one dynamic.

The problem I had is that I haven’t been able to fill the available space without setting the dynamic column to a specific width.

Now let’s see the example.

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Drupalcamp Romania 2011

I just found out that this year, the Romanian DrupalCamp will be in Bucharest, on April 16th. Last year it was held in Timisoara and from my point of view, it was a really nice event.

Most definitely we will attend the event this year too and if everything goes well with the new AVChat 3 Integration Kit for Drupal 7, maybe we will prepare a presentation.